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Get ready for a spooky adventure in “Tag After School”. You’ll be in a high school that feels real but creepy. You’ll play as Shota-Kun, a shy kid, and go on a scary journey that will make you feel nervous and excited. This game will give you goosebumps with its scary stuff and creepy pictures that will make you feel uncomfortable. As you move around the spooky school, you’ll see scary things like ghosts, making the game even scarier and more exciting.

Furthermore, to make it through this scary adventure, you’ve got to be smart and fast. You’ll need to outsmart the traps set by the mean ghosts hiding in the school. Your chance of staying safe depends on how well you can solve puzzles and avoid these angry ghosts chasing you.  In the game, you become Shota-Kun, a high school student dealing with regular stuff like homework, clubs, and making friends. The game starts as Shota-Kun begins a new school year, feeling both excited and nervous about what’s to come.

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Actually, you’ll meet lots of different characters, like friends, teachers, and maybe even someone special. Each of them has their own personality and story. As Shota-Kun, you’ll go through different events at school, like big projects and sports competitions, and also deal with making friends and maybe even falling in love.

But remember, whatever choice you make will have a result, and the options you have might bring dangers you didn’t expect or friends you didn’t see coming. However, tag after school is a scary but exciting game that will check how brave, smart, and strong you are against really scary things. Are you ready to face your fears and go into the dark? The game is starting soon, so get ready!

What is Tag After School APK?

Tag After School is the pretend game we’re talking about. This is a horror game that takes place in a real high school. The game is supposed to be really scary, with scary stuff and images that will scare the players. To stay safe in this terrifying adventure, players must be smart and solve puzzles, avoid ghost traps, and navigate carefully around the haunted school.

The game also has typical high school stuff like classes, clubs, making friends, and maybe falling in love. Players will meet a variety of characters, such as friends, teachers, and people they may like, each with their own stories and personalities.

How to Get Start with Tag After School APK?

  • Download and Install the Game
  • Launch the Game
  • Start a New Game
  • Introduction and Tutorial
  • Character Selection
  • Begin Gameplay
  • Follow Objectives and Instructions
  • Explore and Interact
  • Save Your Progress
  • Enjoy the Experience

Updated Features of Tag After School

  • Expanded Gameplay Mechanics
  • Enhanced Graphics and Visual Effects
  • Deeper Character Interaction
  • Multiple Endings
  • New Ghost Types and Challenges
  • Additional Story Content
  • Improved AI and Enemy Behavior
  • Customization Options
  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Support
  • Dynamic Environment Changes
  • Voice Acting and Sound Design
  • Branching Storylines
  • Survival Elements
  • Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs
  • New Game+ Mode
  • Photo Mode
  • Community Challenges and Events
  • Accessibility Options
  • Post-Launch Content Updates

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The game’s horror-themed setting and realistic high school environment can create a deeply immersive experience for players
  • The game gives players a mix of exploring scary places, solving puzzles, and facing scary ghosts. It’s exciting and makes players remember the game.
  • By talking to different characters, players can change how Shota-Kun acts, who he likes, and what happens in his story. This makes the game more interesting and helps players care more about what happens to Shota-Kun.


  • This game has scary and grown-up stuff in it, which might not be okay for everyone, especially if you don’t like scary or intense things. Before playing, think about whether you feel okay with it.
  • Some parts of the game, like the puzzles and making decisions, might be really hard for some players. This could make them feel upset or like they don’t want to play anymore.
  • Some people might have a hard time playing the game because it doesn’t have options to make it easier for them. For example, it might not have settings to change how hard it is, or it might not work well for people who can’t see colors or need help reading.


Tag After School” is a scary game set in a spooky high school. It’s exciting because you get to explore, solve puzzles, and talk to different characters. But some people might find it hard to play or might not like some of the scary stuff. However, it’s important for the game to think about these things and give options to make it easier or more comfortable for everyone. By doing this, more people can enjoy the game and feel the thrill of its spooky adventures.